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Dr Marosh Vrtik  MBBS and FRACS

Dr Marosh Vrtik MBBS and FRACS

SPECIALTY AREA Cardiothoracic Surgery
Stafford Heights
QLD 4053
TELEPHONE 07 3353 5942
FAX 07 3353 9357
After graduating from the University of Western Australia, Dr. Vrtik commenced his early surgical training at The Royal Perth Hospital. He undertook his cardiothoracic surgical training in Queensland at both The Prince Charles Hospital and The Princess Alexandra Hospitals here in Brisbane.

Dr. Vrtik has recently ​completed two clinical fellowships. In 2011, he spent ​12 months at The Papworth Hospital, Cambridge, UK gaining further experience in adult cardiac surgery. In 2012, he concentrated on expanding his special interest in thoracic surgery at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Melbourne with a particular focus on Video assisted Thoracic Surgery (VATS) including VATS lobectomy. 
In addition to general cardiac surgery, he has a keen interest in thoracic surgical oncology and video assisted thoracic surgery. Video assisted thoracic surgery, or VATS allows surgeons to perform intrathoracic operations using much smaller incisions resulting in reduced perioperative morbidity and speedier recovery