Special Care Nursery

Special Care Nursery

Our wonderful Neonatal staff and nursery provides modern facilities for babies from 32 weeks gestation requiring additional specialised care such as prematurity or illness.

We have 12 beds supported by highly experienced neonatal intensive care trained staff, lactation consultants and midwives.

A word of advice about 'advice'

One of the many issues that we face in every day life is "conflicting advice". While we do our very best to avoid this happening, it is human nature that everyone has a different opinion on how to do things and everyone has different experiences and knowledge to pass on to you.

Please keep an open mind about all the information you are given, process it and use the information that "feels right" for you and your baby.

Photo of baby's feet in cribWhen your baby is born prematurely or unwell, his or her special beginning may differ from your expectations. The Special Care Nursery is designed to provide medical and nursing care that is tailored to your baby’s specific needs.

Visiting in the Special Care Nursery

Having contact with your baby is an important part of their care and recovery. This is why we encourage you to visit as often and as long as you like. We do ask however, that you and your family respect the privacy of other babies and their families in our care by visiting only your baby.

Visitors accompanied by a parent are welcome to visit for short periods. Children (except the baby’s siblings) are not permitted in the nursery. Please limit the number of visitors to two at any one time. We ask that siblings always remain under parental supervision.

You will be given an access card from the department allowing you entry to the nursery, special care and to Wesley Maternity. Please keep it with you at all times.

When you enter the unit, remove any sharp jewellery and watches. Wash your hands and arms to the elbow with the soap provided, and then dry very well with a paper towel.

Any visitor who is unwell (e.g. colds, cold sores, sore throat etc) should check with the staff prior to entering the Special Care Nursery.

Please adhere to these guidelines to protect the babies in our care.

Please remember: to always wash your hands immediately before you touch your baby.


Everyone responds differently to the birth of a premature or sick baby. You and your partner may experience a roller coaster ride of feelings during your baby’s stay in the nursery.

There are nurse counseling and chaplaincy services available within the hospital. Feel free to utilise these services if you need them. The nursing staff is always available to assist you and your baby so do not hesitate to ask any questions. If it is bothering you, it’s important to us.