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Dr Darren Marchant

Dr Darren Marchant

ADDRESS Level 9, 259 Wickham Terrace
Brisbane QLD 4000
Wesley Sessional Rooms will open in January 2019
FAX 07 3834 6757

Located on The Wesley Hospital Campus

Dr Darren Marchant is a hand and upper limb surgeon with the Brisbane Hand and Upper Limb Clinic, practising out of The Wesley Hospital and Brisbane Private Hospital. After completion of his fellowship training in Orthopaedic surgery locally in 2006, Dr Marchant undertook two years of extensive subspecialised training in upper limb surgery. The first of these appointments was at the University of Texas Health Science Centre in San Antonio under the supervision of Professor Charles Rockwood and Professor Michael Wirth. The focus of this fellowship experience was shoulder surgery particularly with reference to arthroplasty and arthroscopic procedures. This fellowship exposure included experience in all aspects of shoulder surgery, but including extensive experience with both elective procedures and the management of shoulder trauma.

The second year of fellowship training was completed in Sydney at the Royal North Shore Hospital. This fellowship included ongoing training in shoulder surgery, as well as subspecialised training in surgery involving the elbow, hand and wrist including extensive microsurgical and reconstructive training.

Dr Marchant’s practice incorporates all aspects of upper limb assessment and surgical management, including shoulder, elbow, hand and wrist. Dr Marchant also has an added interest in the treatment and management of sporting injuries and restoring function to allow patients to return to their normal daily activities or high level activities with respect to sport or professional requirements. In addition to elective surgery, including arthroplasty of the shoulder and all other elective procedures in the upper limb, Dr Marchant also has a continuing interest in trauma management and offers urgent appointments for acute injuries.

Dr Marchant and his team strive to provide comprehensive medical care for upper limb injuries and conditions from examination and diagnosis through to treatment and rehabilitation. We have on-site rehabilitation therapists and radiology services which complement our clinic to offer expert care and attention with minimal delay to provide optimal results for all patients.

All appointments can be arranged by calling (07) 3834 6272 Monday to Friday between 8am and 5pm, or via our website or email After hours service and care is also provided by calling the office number above at which point you will be directed to a paging service that can contact Dr Marchant 24hrs a day.