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Dr Kevin Chan  B.Pharm MBBS FRACS

Dr Kevin Chan B.Pharm MBBS FRACS

SPECIALTY AREA Bariatric Surgery
General Surgery
Upper GI Surgery
ADDRESS Suite 47, Level 4
Wesley Medical Centre
40 Chasely St
FAX 07 3350 2511

Located on The Wesley Hospital Campus

Dr Kevin Chan is a General Surgeon operating at The Wesley Hospital.

Dr Kevin Chan is an Upper Gastro-Intestinal, Bariatric and General Surgeon based in Brisbane, Queensland. Dr Chan consults and operates privately at The Wesley Hospital, St Vincent’s Private Hospital Northside and St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital. He has a public appointment at the Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital.

Kevin completed his general surgery fellowship in Queensland in 2015. He then undertook further training in upper gastrointestinal surgery through the Australian and New Zealand Gastric and Oesophageal Surgery Association (ANZGOSA) post-fellowship training program.

His fellowship posts included St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne, St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney and Concord Repatriation General Hospital Sydney where he gained extensive experience in advanced upper gastrointestinal surgery and bariatric surgery including revisional bariatric surgery.

He returned to Brisbane where he started Total Upper GI Surgery with like-minded surgeons whose aim is to provide their patients with exceptional care in the all fields of upper gastrointestinal surgery as well as general surgery.

His special interests are reflux disease, upper gastrointestinal oncology and bariatric surgery. He is a member of ANZGOSA, ANZMOSS and GSA and continues to keep abreast with developments in upper gastrointestinal and bariatric surgery by attending local and international conferences.

He currently holds a public appointment at the Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital and participates in the Acute General Surgery / Trauma on-call roster. He consults and operates at The Wesley Hospital (Auchenflower), St Vincent’s Private Hospital Northside (Chermside) and St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital (Spring Hill).

Kevin is happy to take referrals for all areas of Upper Gastrointestinal Surgery and General Surgery including:

• Anti-reflux surgery

• Hiatal hernia repair

• Bariatric surgery (Sleeve Gastrectomy & Gastric Bypass)

• Revisional bariatric surgery (incl Gastric band removal)

• Oesophagogastric oncology

• Emergency and Elective General Surgery (Hernias, gall

bladders, small bowel pathology)

• Upper endoscopy