As part of your admission, the hospital collects personal information from you which is used during your admission and to communicate with your health fund. Your privacy is important to us and we are committed to protecting your personal information.

The Wesley Hospital complies fully with the Privacy Act 2000 and all other relevant Commonwealth and State Legislation regarding the collection and use of personal information. On admission, you will be requested to acknowledge and sign that you have read, understood and consented to the collection and use of your personal information. From the form, you will see that you have a choice about how some of your information may be used, so when completing your documentation read the document closely.

 In relation to your personal information you have the right to:

  • withdraw any consent to use the information (Note: This may impact on your
  • medical care);
  • request to restrict or limit access to specific persons (hospital to be notified);
  • obtain access to and correct any error in the information;
  • complain if your information has not been kept confidential or private;
  • request to access your medical record (a fee may apply).

To access your personal information held by the hospital (including your medical record) please write to:

The Privacy Officer
The Wesley Hospital
PO Box 499