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Dr Stephen Pavia  BBS, FRACP, FCSANZ

Dr Stephen Pavia BBS, FRACP, FCSANZ

ADDRESS Sandford Jackson Building
Level 5, Suite 91 
30 Chasely St 

TELEPHONE 07 3858 8600
FAX 07 3858 8610

Located on The Wesley Hospital Campus


Special clinical interest in arrhythmias / electrophysiology and cardiac device implant remote monitoring

Dr Stephen Pavia completed his cardiology training in 1998 by rotation through Princess Alexandra, the Townsville General, the Prince Charles and the Royal Brisbane hospitals. His post graduate fellowship training in cardiac electrophysiology and pacing was completed in 2001 at the Cleveland Clinic, USA. Dr Pavia’s major practice is at the Wesley Hospital and he visits Rockhampton. He also runs an arrhythmia clinic at Westside Private Hospital. His field of expertise includes all aspects of electrophysiology, including ablation and cardiac device implantation.

Dr Pavia has a special interest in remote monitoring of cardiac implantable devices and the diagnosis and management of syncope (commonly known as blackouts or fainting). Dr Pavia runs a weekly dedicated syncope clinic at the Wesley Hospital and uses the latest in diagnostic and remote monitoring technology, which aids in the detection of potentially fatal cardiac arrhythmias. On a weekly basis many patients are identified in the syncope clinic as needing cardiac therapy and treatment is initiated promptly leading to positive clinical outcomes.