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GP Education Events

Why choose our CPD Program?

The Wesley Hospital’s CPD Program gives you access to our leading specialists who are experts in their field. Our program is renowned for its comprehensive educational events.

Our program includes Saturday ALMs, a CPR training day, local and regional CPD evenings. All of these events are complimentary, including food, beverages and parking, and earn you Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) points.

Without the ongoing support of our sponsors we would not be able to run our extensive CPD Program.

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Neurosurgery CPD
​Tuesday 13 November
6pm - 9pm
Cost: Free

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Neurosurgery CPD Invitation
Men's Health CPD - All about the tackle
Saturday ​20 October
8.15am - ​2.30pm
Cost: Free

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Men's Health CPD Invitation