Medical Advisory Committee

The Wesley Hospital Medical Advisory Committee (MAC) meets monthly and represents the Visiting Medical Practitioners (VMP) within the hospital and plays a critical role in advising the General Manager. One General Practitioner (GP) sits on the MAC maintaining the essential link between the GP community and The Wesley Hospital.

Wesley Medical Advisory Committee Members

Name Title
 Associate Professor Gregory Scalia Cardiology (CHAIR)
 Dr John Albietz  Orthopaedic Surgery
 Associate Professor John Allan  Head of UnitingCare Health Clinical School
 Dr Paul Bartley  Infectious Diseases and Internal Medicine, Chair of Infection Control Committe
 Dr Nigel Brown  Acting Director of Medical Services 
 Dr Melissa Buttini  Gynaecology
 Associate Professor David Coman  Paediatrics, Medical Director of Paediatrics
 Dr William Crozier  Anaesthesia
 Dr Paul Eliadis  Haemotology and Oncology
 Dr Suzanne Everingham  Anaesthesia
 Dr Troy Gianduzzo  Urology
 Dr Pauline Joubert  Obstetrics
 Associate Professor Glynn Kelly  General Practice
 Dr Boon Kua  Urology
 Dr John Lumley  Surgery, Quality Assurance Committee
 Dr Nicholas O'Rourke  Surgery
 Dr Tony Parker  ENT Surgeon
 Dr Andrew Pascoe  Gastroenterology and Internal Medicine
 Dr Bala Venkatesh  Director of Intensive Care, Intensive Care
 Dr Andrea Riha  Internal Medicine
 Prof David Walker  Neurosurgery
 Dr Mark Woodrow  Emergency Medicine
 Dr Duncan Walker  Radiology
 Ms Cheryl Clayton  Director of Clinical Services

Past Chairs of Medical Advisory Committee

Medical Advisory Comittee honour boardThe past chairs of the hospital’s Medical Advisory Committee (MAC) were recently recognised at the Senior VMP Awards dinner. An honour board was unveiled listing their names and years of service.

The board is on display on level 2 of the main hospital building near the photo wall of current MAC members.
Sir Evan Thomson 1976 - 1984
Dr Maurice Williams 1984 - 1985
Dr Jon Douglas 1986 – 1987
Dr Ross Phillipson 1988 - 1989
Dr Brian Smith 1990 - 1991
Dr John Healy 1992 - 1993
Dr Ian Dickinson 1993 – 1995
Dr Geoffrey Beadle 1996 – 1997
Dr Geoffrey Holt 1998 – 1999
Dr Alan Porter 1999 – 2001
Dr David Schlect 2002 – 2003
Dr Noel Saines 2004 – 2006
Dr Andrew Pascoe 2007 – 2010
Dr Melissa Buttini 2011 – 2014
Dr Gregory Scalia 2014 - present