On the day of admission

The main entrance of the hospital is located on Chasely Street, Auchenflower. Patients can be dropped off and collected from this entrance.

On the day of your admission:

  • Bathe/shower but do not apply any powders or creams.
  • Do not wear make-up, nail polish or jewellery (remove all piercings).
  • Do not smoke or drink alcohol for 24 hours before your surgery.
  • Wear comfortable clothes.

On arrival

Please present to the Admission Desk in the main foyer of the hospital at the time specified by your doctor.

The Clerical Admission Process

A volunteer will greet you on arrival and direct you to the Admission Desk to register your attendance. Once registered, you will be asked to take a seat. Patients are admitted according to the time they are required in the Day of Surgery Unit.

On admission we will ask you to confirm the information previously provided and sign the following documentation:

  • Health Fund Claim form
  • Informed Financial Consent
  • Acknowledgment and Disclaimer form

At this time any applicable excess or co-payment not yet paid will be collected. Payments can be made by Credit Card, EFTPOS (limits apply) or cash at the Admission Desk.

Note: The admission staff are aware of the theatre schedule and timing of other procedures you may need to undergo prior to surgery. We will make every effort to keep your wait to a minimum.

If you are being admitted for an operation or procedure, it is most likely that you will go directly from admissions to the Day of Surgery Unit and then to the ward.

On admission you will also receive an ID number which will help your family or support person track your surgical progress through the hospital on our electronic tracking boards

Going to theatre

You will be escorted to the Day of Surgery Unit by a volunteer if you are having surgery or a procedure. One support person or carer may accompany you. Your paperwork will be handed to the receptionist in the Day of Surgery Unit by the volunteer. You will once again be asked to take a seat until you are called by the nursing staff who will prepare you for your procedure. You will then be escorted through to the procedural area and the nurse will ask you to confirm your medical history and assist you to change into theatre attire.

Your surgeon and anaesthetist may visit you during this period.

Children undergoing surgery

Please dress your child in two piece pyjamas and bring a soft toy. For bottle fed infants, you will need to bring prepared formula.

For children under 14 years old we ask that one parent accompany their child and be available during the recovery stage.

Take a virtual tour of The Wesley Hospital

Click on the links below to experience different areas of the hospital in Google Street View. Simply click and drag the screen to move side to side or up and down then click on the arrows to move forwards or backwards.


Wesley Emergency Centre

Ward room

Operating theatre

Paediatric ward

Maternity birth suite

Maternity ward room

Special care nursery

Walk from car park to reception


Moorlands House

Next Steps

Useful information for your stay at The Wesley Hospital is presented in this booklet and presentation.