Preparing for hospital

How to book online

  • The first time you use the online booking system you will need to create your personal account using a secure password with a minimum of eight characters, two of which must be numerical.
  • You will receive an email notification to validate your account in order to enter your secure site.
  • Once you log-in to your webpage, click "New Booking".
  • Complete your booking at your leisure. You can partially complete a form and return at a later date to finalise and submit to the hospital. Your partially completed booking will be saved and available for editing in the "Incomplete tab".
  • You will receive email notifications from the hospital advising you to log into your secure account for information updates relating to your admission.
  • Once you enter your personal account you will have access to a detailed document explaining all the features of our hospital booking system.
  • We will contact patients who have not booked online 24 - 48 hours prior to their admission.

For overnight patients

Pre-Admission Clinic - Please contact the Wesley Pre-Admission Clinic on (07) 3232 7316 to help prepare for your stay. The clinic, conveniently located on Level 2 of the main hospital building,  provides nursing assessment and testing requested by your doctor - such as blood tests or electrocardiograms (ECG) – at a suitable time for you. For patients outside of Brisbane we can organise a phone interview.

What to bring to hospital

  • Make sure you follow your doctor’s instructions regarding fasting times for food and fluids (including water) and confirm whether you should take your usual medications.
  • Doctor’s letters, reports, notes and consent forms.
  • All relevant x-rays and scans.
  • Certified copy – Power of Attorney or Advance Health Directive (if applicable).
  • Credit card for payment of excesses, co-payments or incidentals.
  • Loose change should you wish to purchase small items.
  • Medications
  • An up-to-date list of ALL the current medications you are taking.
  • Bring sufficient supplies of your medications in their original, labelled packaging for the entire duration of your stay. If your medications are packed in a dose administration aid, e.g. Webster Pack, please be aware that these cannot be used during your hospital stay as our staff cannot verify the content, age or prescribed dose. If the pharmacy is required to resupply prescriptions or medications this will be at an additional cost to you.
  • Remember inhalers, creams, ointments, patches, eye or ear drops, injections and herbal or complementary medicines.
  • Bring your medication repeats and any authority scripts.
  • Personal belongings (Please bring your personal belongings in a small secure bag)
  • Nightwear, dressing gown, slippers or comfortable flat shoes and a light jacket
  • Toiletries
  • Physical aids (e.g. spectacles, hearing aids, walking stick)
  • Reading materials


Children undergoing surgery

Please dress your child in two piece pyjamas and bring a soft toy. For bottle fed infants, you will need to bring prepared formula.

For children under 14 years old we ask that one parent accompany their child and be available during the recovery stage.

Room accommodation

While we endeavour to provide the type of room you have requested, we can not guarantee availability as beds are allocated on the morning of your admission based on clinical decisions. You will be charged for the room that you occupy regardless of your accommodation preference. Workers’ Compensation and Department of Veterans’ Affairs patients are provided with shared room accommodation.

Next Steps

Useful information for your stay at The Wesley Hospital is presented in this booklet and presentation.