Ticketless Parking System

What is Ticketless Car Parking?

As part of UnitingCare Health’s commitment to improving its facilities, The Wesley Hospital is ​using an automated parking system that uses licence-plate recognition technology.
The Ticketless Parking System (TPS) is used for all Wesley car parks including the multi-storey car park.

Digital cameras read licence number plates as vehicles approach the boom gates and this is recoreded in the TPS System. For users this means paper tickets will no longer be required on entry or exit.

The automated system is also designed to improve car park management and ensure the correct use of allotted parking spaces. It aims to improve traffic flow and minimise any delays experienced entering and exiting during peak periods.

For patients and visitors, simpler and more efficient parking ​should improve their experience at The Wesley Hospital.

The Wesley Hospital TPS Terms and Conditions

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