Breast Care Nursing Service

The Wesley Hospital Breast Care Nursing Service

Dedicated specialist breast care nurses have been an integral part of The Wesley Hospital for more than 15 years through services offered by The Wesley Hospital Breast Clinic and the Choices cancer support program.

In September 2012 these services expanded to support the hospital’s breast cancer multidisciplinary team in providing more integrated nursing to patients undergoing breast cancer treatment at the Wesley.

Comprehensive, coordinated care and support is a focus of the Breast Care Nursing Service. All our breast care nurses are specially trained registered nurses. We provide a point of contact and familiar face to assist with navigation of the pathway of care for patients, families and significant others affected by a breast cancer diagnosis.

Support includes:
  • Addressing clinical, practical, emotional and psychosocial needs
  • Reinforcement and clarification of information to assist with decision making
  • Referral to other services such as counselling, chaplaincy, regional breast care nurses, other cancer support groups, and breast physiotherapy.

Contact with a specialist breast care nurse commences pre-admission and continues during hospitalization. Support is ongoing throughout adjuvant treatment and recovery.

The Breast Care Nursing Service operates Monday to Friday 8am –4pm and Saturday 8am –12 noon. After hours telephone support is also available.

To contact The Wesley Hospital Breast Care Nursing Service:

Phone : 07 3232 7805  Mobile : 0428 635 132  Pager : 144
Email :