Robotically Assisted Prostate Cancer Surgery

The revolutionary improvements in medical surgical technology have had a great impact on prostate cancer treatment and prostatectomy. ​The Wesley​ has a strong focus on robotic surgery, and are committed to utilising the latest technological advancements to improve the treatments available to our patients. Prostatectomy is the most common procedure performed at the Wesley using the da Vinci surgical robot.

Robotically assisted prostate cancer surgery, also referred to as a robotic-assisted radical prostatectomy or a robotic prostatectomy, is a minimally invasive surgical procedure where a surgeon uses finely controlled robotic instruments to perform the prostatectomy safely, while enhancing patient recovery and outcome.

Advantages of having a robotically assisted prostatectomy include:
• Shorter hospital stay
• Quicker return to normal activity
• Reduced pain
• Less blood loss
• Less scarring and
• Less risk of infection

Robotic surgery operating theatre

Frequently asked questions about robotic prostate surgery

Frequently asked questions about robotically assisted prostate surgery