Renal Dialysis Unit

Renal Medicine

The Wesley Renal Dialysis unit provides individualised haemodialysis treatments for patients with renal failure. The primary goal is to ensure a safe procedure with the best possible therapeutic outcome.

For patients with end stage kidney failure we aim to achieve optimum well being to promote quality of life and to enable transplantation, if possible. For patients with acute renal failure we provide supportive treatment until their renal function recovers. The nursing staff has extensive experience in all aspects of renal nursing, and more than half have specialist nursing qualifications.

All patients treated by the Unit are under the care of a Renal Physician and the Hospital Medical Officers are available at all times in case of emergency. Other members of the healthcare team are involved as needed, for example, Dietitians, Wound Care and Diabetes Nurses, Counselling Services and Pastoral Care. Wesley volunteers make a significant contribution to patient wellbeing through their assistance at meal times, providing cheerful company and help with transport.

Renal Physicians

Dr Richard Baer Nephrology
1300 903 600
Dr Simon Fleming Nephrology
07 3217 8088
Dr Elizabeth Jarvis Nephrology
07 3010 5780
Dr Omar Kaisar General Medicine
07 3193 8999
Dr Stacey O'Shea Nephrology
0408 997 944
Dr Sarah Stevenson Nephrology
07 3166 9224