Sleep Disorders Centre

The Wesley Hospital Sleep Disorders Centre

The Wesley Hospital Sleep Disorders Centre is a comprehensive service utilising state-of-the art technology in the evaluation of all sleep disorders.
The Sleep Centre includes a dedicated six-bed sleep unit and is the first private hospital centre to be accredited with the National Authority of Testing Authorities Australia (NATA)​, Australasian Sleep Association (ASA). Sleep Disorders Services (SDS) Accreditation Program.
Our team includes specialist physicians along with scientific, technical and nursing care staff who practice across multiple areas of lung and sleep health.
We provide outpatient and inpatient care for patients requiring detailed evaluation in the following areas:

  • Assessment and management of obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA), restless leg syndrome, insomnia and chronic snoring
  • Management of complex sleep disorders, including narcolepsy, ‘obesity-hypoventilation syndrome',  Cheyne-Stokes Respiration and chronic respiratory failure
  • Tertiary-level diagnostic, CPAP, Bilevel/VPAP Adapt and complex disorder sleep investigations
  • Management of complex multisystem ventilatory disorders, including cardiac, psychiatric, endocrine, metabolic, pregnancy-related and neurological conditions
  • Multi-disciplinary team with access to clinical psychologists, nutritionists, exercise physiologists and dentists/ ortho prosthodontists (for mandibular advancement splints)
  • Daily sleep medicine clinics, plus CPAP educator clinics run in conjunction with physicians.

Education sessions include:

  • GP educational meetings
  • Medical student training - University of Queensland, Griffith University, Bond University
  • Allied health and nursing training and education, focusing on their role in non-invasive ventilation
  • For more information, see Thoracic & Sleep Group Queensland.