Care after birth

Wesley Maternity's Lactation Clinic

The Wesley has a lactation clinic running on Tuesdays and Thursdays to assist you with any breast feeding difficulties. The clinic offers one-on-one appointments with qualified lactation consultants. A cost is incurred that may be reimbursed by your health fund.
To make an appointment please call 07 3232 7432.

Going home from hospital

It is anticipated you will stay in hospital for between three and five nights. We will discuss your expected date of discharge with you early on in your stay, so that you and your family can plan for your return home.

Discharge time is 10am. Please ensure you have your discharge medications (if required), birth registration paperwork, and “Personal Health Care Record” book (red book).
If your baby is born prematurely, you may be ready to go home before your baby is able to be discharged. When your baby is ready for discharge, you will have the opportunity to room in for one or two nights.

Safe baby travel

Please ensure that an Australian standard approved car restraint/seat is correctly fitted for your safe journey home. Kidsafe House can assist in correctly fitting this safety device.

For more information please phone Kidsafe on (07) 3854 1829 or visit the Kidsafe website

Wesley Maternity's Home Visiting Service

​Wesley's Maternity Home Visiting Service is an initiative to enhance family support following the birth of your baby.

All new mums living in the Wesley catchment area are entitled to receive two visits from a midwife in the comfort of your home in the first month following birth of your baby. These visits provide:

  • Postnatal check
  • General health and wellbeing
  • Baby physical assessment
  • Feeding support
  • Parenting strategies

Prior to going home from hospital with your baby, speak with your midwife to ask for a referral and consent form for a home visit. Your midwife will let you know if you live in the Wesley catchment. If not, they will arrange other services for you.

Maternity home visiting service