During pregnancy

Admission process

Once you have been referred by your GP to an accredited Wesley obstetrician it is essential you confirm your booking with us by admitting yourself online or by clicking on the “Book My Admission” icon located on the Wesley Home Page.

To complete your online booking form you will need your:

  • Obstetrician's name
  • Expected due date
  • Medicare card
  • Private health fund details


If you and your family would like to have a tour of Wesley Maternity with a midwife these are offered Saturday and Sunday at 3pm. As this is dependent on room availability, please phone (07) 3232 7432.

Preadmission Midwives Clinic

To ensure that you are booked in and everything runs smoothly on your special day, it is important that you contact the Wesley Hospital Midwives Preadmission Clinic prior to 32 weeks into your pregnancy.

This is a complementary service for all maternity patients. It is an opportunity to share with you the information you will need in the lead-up to the birth and obtain the information we need to streamline the admission process when you arrive at the hospital.

To make an appointment please contact the clinic on (07) 3232 7161 Tuesday and Wednesday 8.30am to 3pm, or Thursday 12.30pm to 7.30pm.

Appointments run for approximately 30 minutes. Alternatively your appointment can be conducted over the telephone if you are unable to come to the hospital.

Antenatal classes

Wesley Maternity offers a range of classes from antenatal education to pregnancy exercise, to help you prepare for the birth of your child. If you would like to book pregnancy exercise classes please call Wesley Therapy Service on (07) 3232 7048.

Breastfeeding classes

This dedicated three hour class, run by a Lactation Consultant, significantly assists with your understanding of breastfeeding. It provides more in-depth information about breastfeeding than is offered in the Parents-to-Be program.

Women who have had challenges breastfeeding any previous babies are encouraged to attend this class.

Topics covered include:

  • how to position and attach your baby
  • how you know that the baby is well attached
  • what to expect during the first week
  • baby's hunger cues
  • how often the baby needs to feed
  • advantages of breastfeeding for mother and baby
  • natural patterns of breastfeeding
  • the benefits of rooming in
  • difficulties that can arise
  • community help available

Breast Feeding Class $80

To book antenatal education classes please phone (07) 3232 7316. Please contact us early in your pregnancy as places fill quickly.

Parents-to-Be program

This program covers preparing for birth, the birth process and care of your new baby. The program is aimed at first time parents and provides information on the birth and parenting. We encourage expectant parents to start this program when the mother is about 28 weeks into her pregnancy.

A tour of Wesley Maternity is included. Classes are held one evening per week. You can choose an evening from Tuesday to Thursday, depending on what best suits your schedule.

This six week class is interactive, small group focused, with hands on activities. The Saturday class is a condensed version with minimal class participation due to time restraints.

Topics for both evening and Saturday programs include:

  • why labour starts
  • when to come to hospital
  • the three stages of normal labour and birth
  • the pain cycle - coping strategies for pain
  • induction of labour
  • unexpected outcomes – including forceps, vacuum and caesarean births
  • the role of the support person
  • characteristics of the newborn baby
  • the first five days: postnatal ward routine
  • breastfeeding
  • settling techniques, sleep patterns and SIDS
  • child safety
  • becoming a parent for the first time
  • postnatal depression
  • community support groups and resources
  • when to contact your doctor once you and your baby go home.


  • Parents-to-Be Program (six weeks) $250
  • Condensed Parents-to-Be Program (Saturday) $200

To book antenatal education classes please phone (07) 3232 7316. Please contact us early in your pregnancy as places fill quickly.