Counselling Services

The Wesley Hospital Counselling Service is offered by a team of Nurse Counsellors who believe that healing is more than physical, and wellness involves care that is provided for the whole person. We acknowledge that the impact of hospitalization, diagnosis or treatment may challenge a person's emotional wellbeing, thoughts and ideas, beliefs, values and sense of self.

At such times patients or families may require the support of a member of this team of registered nurses who have advanced knowledge and skill in counselling. We embrace a duty of care that holds deep regard for the rights of patients and their relatives to be treated with respect, dignity and integrity, and are deserving of care that is genuine, competent, non-judgemental and confidential.

If invited, we will provide care that is sensitive, timely, respectful, compassionate and personal. In this way we are part of the wider team that strives towards the Wesley vision of excellence in integrated healthcare.