Day Surgery

The Wesley Hospital Day Surgery Unit opened on Level 3 of the East Wing Building in February 2010. Our 24 -bay department consists of private and comfortable recovery bays adjacent to the operating theatres and recovery area.

We are a second-stage recovery and discharge area working in conjunction with Theatres, IVF, X-ray and Cardiac Catheter Theatres. We deliver care to patients undergoing a vast array of procedures and surgeries with an experienced and friendly team of nurses with extensive surgical backgrounds.

In our Unit we have a ‘Discharge Reception’ lounge where your support person is able to collect you following your procedure. The department’s hours of operation are from 0730 to 2100, Monday to Friday.

Caring for our patients during recovery

We strive to provide the highest standard of care in a safe and comforting environment providing an informed recovery phase for patients. As well as our dedicated and experienced nursing staff we also have a valuable team of support staff including food services, cleaning and volunteer staff.

When you enter the Unit following your procedure or surgery your care will be taken over by one of our experienced nurses. We will ensure your comfort and privacy at  every step. As you recover you will be offered cold drinks and have your belongings returned. Once you have settled into the Unit we will notify your support person regarding your anticipated collection time. Your Doctor may also come to review you during this time.

A support person may be able to sit with you if required during this recovery phase – this will be at the nurse's discretion. As you recover and are feeling brighter your nurse will assist you to dress and freshen up and move from your bed to a recliner chair where you will be then offered a hot drink and refreshments.

Going home

Prior to your discharge your nurse will discuss with you clear instructions regarding your post operative care and guidelines. Once you have met the ‘Discharge Criteria’ as set by the Day Surgery Unit, you will be discharged safely to the care of your relative/support person.