Financial information

Fees and charges

Private health insurance

If you have private health insurance please speak to your health fund prior to admission to ensure you understand your level of cover.

Important questions to ask your health fund:

  • Does my policy cover me for this admission? If you have been a member of your health fund for less than 12 months your fund may not accept liability for the costs of your admission
  • What is my hospital excess payment on my insurance policy?
  • Are there any co-payments required for each night I will be in hospital? If your policy has an excess or co-payment, you will be requested to pay the amount prior to your admission
  • Does my policy exclude or restrict payment for some treatments, for example cardiac, orthopaedic or rehabilitation?
  • Are prosthetic or disposable items used during my intended surgery covered by my insurance?

Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) patients

  • Gold card holders are covered for all care
  • White card holders are covered subject to approval by DVA. Please confirm this with DVA prior to admission
  • A Veterans’ Affairs Liaison Officer is available to assist patients with White or Gold Cards issued by the Department for Veterans Affairs. Please telephone 13 32 54 (local) or 1800 555 254 (regional - free call)

WorkCover Queensland /Third party compensable

Total payment of your estimated costs are payable prior to admission unless approval for admission has been confirmed by your insurance company prior to admission.

Self-insured patients and International Patients

It is important that you understand the cost quoted is an estimate only as, in the event of unforeseen complications or variations from the proposed treatment, the fees payable may increase. Total payment, other than any ancillary charges, must be made on or prior to your admission.

Additional fees

Doctors’ fees

These are billed separately by your doctor(s). Please discuss the fees payable with your doctor before your admission. Depending on the reason for admission, you may receive accounts from one or more of the following:

  • Surgeon
  • Anaesthetist
  • Surgical assistant
  • Other doctors who become involved in your care


Pathology services are supplied by a number of third party service providers who attend the hospital campus e.g. QML or Sullivan & Nicolaides. Examples include blood tests and tissue examination. Your doctor determines which provider is used. Charges for pathology services will be billed separately by the individual provider.

Diagnostic imaging/ Radiology

I-MED Radiology provides inpatient radiology services to hospital patients. Charges for radiology or imaging services performed during your hospital admission will be billed separately by I-MED.

Wesley Emergency Centre

If you receive treatment in the Wesley Emergency Centre prior to your admission or following your admission, a separate account will be rendered for these services.


Phone calls, extra meals for family/carer

EPIC Pharmacy

Epic Pharmacy will dispense new medications prescribed during your admission/stay and ensure that you are supplied with the required medications on discharge. Charges for medications dispensed during your admission and on discharge that are not covered by your health fund will be charged to your credit card.