Day procedure or day surgery

Helpful things to know

  • Please arrange for a responsible person to be available to collect you and transport you home after your procedure. They should also stay with you for the first 24 hours following your day procedure.
  • The nursing staff will record the name and number of the person who is collecting
    you after your surgery/procedure. They will contact the nominated person and tell
    them the approximate time you will be ready to be collected. There is a designated
    day patient pick-up car parking area at the front entrance of the hospital for short
    term use.
  • It is unsafe to drive in the the first 24 hours after surgery and you may not be legally covered by insurance.
  • Public transport is not a safe choice for transport home after discharge from hospital.
  • You must not sign any contracts or make important decisions for 24 hours following
    your procedure.
  • You must follow any instructions you are given after your procedure and contact
    your doctor or present to an emergency department should you have any post
    procedural complications.
  • If you are an endoscopy patient, following your procedure the results of your
    investigation will be sent to your GP.

What should day patients bring to hospital?

  • A small bag to place your clothes in during your procedure
  • Something warm to wear while you are waiting for admission
  • A medication list and/or medications, x-rays/scans
  • Consent forms completed by you and your doctor
  • Medicare card, Health fund card and credit card
  • Reading materials and physical Aids – glasses, hearing aids (with cases), walking stick, mobility aids