Cardiac Care

Cardiac Care includes: Cardiology, Cardiac Surgery, and Cardiac Rehabilitation. For over 20 years, the Wesley have been providing a wide range of complex and state-of-the-art cardiac procedures and treatments to patients with a range of cardiac-related health issues.

This comprehensive service includes:
  • an arrangement in the Queensland Ambulance Service for the management of urgent heart attacks (acute coronary syndrome) including direct cases to the Cardiac Catheter Theatre
  • a dedicated coronary care unit
  • cardiac MRI
  • cardiac telemetry ward
  • cardiac post-operative ICU
  • cardiac catheter theatres
  • a specialised cardiac operating theatre
The cardiovascular service is further complemented by a cardiac rehabilitation program as part of the Wesley's multi-disciplinary approach to health care.

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HeartWise Health Services Cardiac Rehabilitation

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The Wesley Hospital's HeartWise Health Services provide a number of rehabilitation options for patients with or at risk of heart disease.

Cardiac rehabilitation patients referred to the HeartWise centre at the Wesley undergo a monitored and supervised individual program. This program provides exercise, education and support for the individual and their family.

For more information please phone 07 3232 6190

Your guide to heart surgery

An information booklet for cardiac surgical patients and their families:

Cardiac Care News