Your stay

Your length of stay will be determined by your doctors but, as a guide, it may be:

  • Three to four nights for a vaginal birth
  • Four to five nights for a caesarean birth

To assist with normalising newborn behaviours and sleep, we encourage you to room in with your baby 24 hours a day. Our experienced midwives are available to support you as you learn about your baby, helping you to understand their feeding, hygiene, settling and sleeping needs. Lactation consultants work within The Wesley maternity unit on a daily basis.  Our aim is to send you home with confidence in caring for your baby.

Maternity couple


The Wesley Hospital has 24-hour video surveillance for your safety. Wesley Maternity has video phone access during rest period and after hours for your peace of mind.

It is our policy that newborn babies do not leave Wesley Maternity until they are discharged with their parents.

Food and hospitality

Gluten free, Halal, Kosher and vegetarian options are available. Dietician consults are available if required.

Tea and coffee making facilities are available 24 hours a day.

Partner Meals

Partner meals can easily be arranged after admission. There is a small cost of $15 per meal for these which will be added to your account.

You can also purchase food from the Gown and Glove Restaurant which is located on the same level as Wesley Maternity. It is open 7 days from 7.15am to 7.15pm. There are also three other coffee shops within the Wesley campus (please ask a maternity staff member for information on where these are located)

Maternity education channel

Our Wesley maternity education channel has a number of videos available to enhance your parenting knowledge. We encourage you to watch these to further consolidate your knowledge. The maternity channel may be found on channel 1.


During your stay at Wesley Maternity, we offer women’s health physiotherapy support after the delivery of your baby. One of our team will visit you on the ward to provide one-on-one assessment, treatment and education after a natural or caesarean birth. Most patients will be eligible for our inpatient services at no charge.