Your hospital room


Accommodation preferences
Whilst we endeavor to provide the type of room you have requested, we cannot guarantee availability as beds are allocated on the morning of your admission based on clinical decisions. Workers’ Compensation patients are provided with shared room accommodation.

Call bell

Each bedside has a handset that operates both as a call bell for nursing assistance and a switch for your over-bed light. Call bells are also located in the bathroom next to the shower and next to the toilet. Your nurse will advise you how to use the call bell.

Internet access

Wi-Fi is available throughout the hospital. To use the hospital Wi-Fi, log in as UCH_Guest on your electronic device.


Each bed is equipped with a television for patient use. In addition to regular free-to-air programming, cable channels and digital radio stations are also available. Television controls can be found on your call bell handset. Please be mindful of the volume and wear headphones if you are sharing a room.

Newspaper and magazines

Newspapers and magazines can be purchased from espresso@thewesley in the hospital foyer or from the ward volunteer’s trolley each day. Newspapers can also be purchased in the Gown and Glove Restaurant on Level 1.

The Wesley Hospital Auxiliary trolley service

The trolley visits each ward carrying chocolates, chips, sweets, basic toiletries, tissues, cards, notebooks and puzzle books, with funds supporting the Auxiliary's fundraising efforts for the hospital. Payments via cash only. 

Mail delivery / posting

Mail is distributed to hospital wards Monday to Friday. Mail may be posted in the post box located on Level 2 outside the main entrance. Postage stamps are available for purchase at the Florist on Level 2.

Telephone enquiries from family and friends

All general ward beds have a telephone which you can use to make local, STD and ISD calls. All calls are metered and will be charged to your credit card if not covered by your health insurance

We recommend that family and friends do not telephone for patient progress updates until mid morning, to allow routine patient care activities to be undertaken. All telephone enquiries should be directed to the hospital switchboard on (07) 3232 7000. It is helpful of one family member is nominated as the person seeking this information and they can then share this with the rest of the family. 

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