Paediatric Service

Wesley Kids

Continuing to care for children and adolescents

Our paediatric services at The Wesley Hospital are based around family-centred care and include comprehensive general paediatric and sub-specialty medical and surgical services, both at inpatient and outpatient levels.

We have a dedicated children’s and adolescent ward with resident medical staff to provide 24/7  care for patients.  Recent additions to our specialist inpatient services include oral food challenges for allergies, insulin pump insertion and management, and sleep clinics for children with sleep apnoea and other difficulties.

Outpatient and day patient services have also expanded to include respiratory, gastroenterology and developmental paediatrics.  

With the amalgamation of the Royal Children’s and Mater Children’s hospitals, the Wesley is the largest hospital providing specialist children’s health services to Brisbane’s northside community. We have no less than 900 paediatric admissions a year.

Reasons to trust the Wesley with your child:

  • Comprehensive range of medical and surgical services for children from birth to late teens
  • Family-friendly dedicated paediatric and adolescent ward
  • 12 private rooms with ensuites
  • Full-time paediatric doctors providing around-the-clock coverage
  • 24/7 emergency department availability
  • Children’s play facilities and areas that cater for adolescents
  • Safety and monitoring system to maximise best care
  • The Wesley's new Paediatric Consulting Rooms are now open, conveniently located in the centre of the Main Hospital, Level 2.

Paediatric Medicine Specialists

Dr Navid Adib Paediatric Medicine
07 3367 0085
Dr Helen Buntain Paediatric Medicine
Respiratory (Thoracic) Medicine
07 3871 3224
Dr Scott Burgess Paediatric Medicine
Sleep Medicine
07 3177 2000
Dr Wen-Yi Chew-Lai Developmental Paediatrics
Paediatric Medicine
07 3232 7759
Professor Geoff Cleghorn Gastroenterology
Paediatric Medicine
07 3846 3475
Prof David Coman Clinical Genetics
Metabolic Medicine
Paediatric Medicine
07 3832 9876
Dr Andrew Cotterill Endocrinology
Paediatric Medicine
07 3393 1916
Dr Nigel Dore Paediatric Medicine
Respiratory (Thoracic) Medicine
07 3266 8155
Dr Johanna Holt Paediatric Medicine
07 3217 7933
Dr Bruce Lewis Paediatric Medicine
07 3371 5144
Dr Karen Lim Paediatric Medicine
0432 979 480
Dr Meryta May Infectious Disease Medicine
Paediatric Medicine
07 3724 0155
Dr David Moore Paediatric Medicine
07 3870 9399
Dr Richard Muir Gastroenterology
Paediatric Medicine
07 3232 7080
Dr Kim Robertson Clinical Immunology and Allergy
Paediatric Medicine
07 3871 3224
Dr Jeremy Robertson Haematology
Paediatric Medicine
07 3232 7759
Dr Kate Russell Paediatric Medicine
07 3232 7759
Dr Amanda Scott Endocrinology
Paediatric Medicine
07 3393 1916
Dr Harry Singh Neurology
Paediatric Medicine
07 5539 4961
Dr Marion Thomas Paediatric Medicine
07 3513 2000

Paediatric Surgeons

Dr Peter Borzi Paediatric Surgery
07 3846 3915
Dr Christopher (Chris) Bourke Paediatric Surgery
07 3255 2195
Dr Kelvin Choo Paediatric Surgery
07 3393 2451
Dr Romi Das Gupta Paediatric Surgery
07 3232 7759
Dr Craig McBride Paediatric Surgery
07 3172 6739
Dr Bhavesh Patel Paediatric Surgery
07 3333 1616
Dr Yeeshu Singh Paediatric Surgery
07 5539 4961

The Wesley has a vibrant culture of putting the child first

At the Wesley, providing high quality care for children and adolescents is a top priority. Enhancing the hospital's clinical expertise is a team of highly trained medical, nursing and allied health staff who are experts in caring for sick children.

IMG_1724_V2Sonia Broadby has been Clinical Nurse Manager of the Wesley Kids ward (2W) since April 2013.

She has 18 years experience in Paediatrics with a background in paediatric intensive care and paediatric retrievals, more than seven years of management experience, and a Master of the Arts degree from the University of West London. ``I am totally committed to the continuous improvement and growth of the Wesley’s paediatric service,’’ Sonia said. 

This level of dedication is typical within the Wesley paediatric nursing staff. The team comprises 16 experienced nurses, many with post-graduate qualifications in paediatric nursing.  The unit has a dedicated paediatric nurse educator running in-house education programs and staff members have training in paediatric advanced life support, paediatric sleep studies and adolescent oncology.
A paediatric occupational therapist works Thursdays and Fridays, and the Unit has a paediatric dietician and  physiotherapists.

``We also have a friendly and very dedicated team of nurses who work in partnership with their colleagues to deliver excellent care which is evidenced by consistently excellent patient experience and feedback,’’ Sonia said.

For more information contact Sonia Broadby, on 3232 7054 or 3232 7384; fax 3232 6208