About Us

The Wesley Hospital Choices Cancer Support Centre

No one is ever prepared for cancer, but The Wesley Hospital Choices  Cancer Support Centre can help you through the emotional turmoil and difficult decision making process following your diagnosis, throughout your treatment and beyond, as you focus on wellness after cancer.

Our unique programs aim to improve your quality of life and are available to both men and women regardless of where you receive treatment.

We are here to support you.

Working within an interdisciplinary team from The Wesley Hospital, Choices provide a blend of clinical expertise, specialist peer support, complementary therapies, education and awareness to comprehensively support people with cancer, their family and friends.

We offer access to a network of professionals including nurses, counselors, physiotherapists, nutritionists, complementary therapies, volunteers, as well as dedicated staff and volunteers who can provide support and connect you with other people who have also been affected by cancer.

To make an appointment please call us on 1800 227 271

What we do

Choices provides information and support to all people affected by cancer and their families with respect for culture, values and spirituality. We offer a toll-free hotline and a place to drop in, a welcoming space where we can answer your questions and provide you with the practical and emotional support you need during your cancer journey.

How we help:
  • Assistance with making important decisions about surgery and treatment
  • Connection with nurses specialising in cancer, women's and men's health
  • Support groups to bring together those who can share their similar personal experiences
  • Complementary therapies to counteract stress and provide relaxation
  • Post-surgery exercise classes to improve range of motion and strength
  • Advice about broader life-related topics including stress management, sexuality and fertility issues, survivorship, menopause, exercise and nutrition
  • Support services such as a rural and regional workshop program, wig and turban library, and community education presentations to schools, clubs and businesses

    How do you access Choices?

    • Call us Monday to Thursday 8.30am to 4pm or Friday 8.30am to 2.30pm on free phone 1800 227 271.
    • Email us
    • Drop-in any time within the above hours. We’re located onsite at The Wesley Hospital beneath the rehabilitation wing.

    Our history - Transitioning from Kim Walter’s Choices Program

    Kim's story 

    The Choices Program is a tribute to the courage and strength of not only Kim Walters, but also the countless other women who have experienced breast cancer. 

    On 16 March 1998 Brisbane Broncos Team Captain, Kevin Walters launched the Kim Walters Choices Programs. His wife, Kim, had died from breast cancer in February 1998 at the age of 30 years, and along her journey had drawn comfort from talking to other women who had breast cancer.   

    The Choices Program is a tribute to the courage and strength of not only Kim Walters, but also the countless other women who have experienced breast cancer.

    As a tribute to Kim, Kevin Walters launched the Choices Program at The Wesley Hospital with the then director of The Wesley Breast Clinic, Dr Cherrell Hirst, a passionate advocate for support for women  with breast cancer.  Kevin is Patron and remains an avid supporter of Choices.  

    Over the years the programs have gone through a variety of changes and presentations with  the programs expanding to include women diagnosed with gynaecological cancers and their families. 

    Although Choices has informally supported all women with cancer, in 2015 the programs officially broadened to support both men and women with any type of cancer.    

     Kim’s experience accessing appropriate professional support alongside appropriate peer support is the foundation of programs offered through Choices.