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Breast Care Nurses

Who is a Breast Care Nurse?

A Breast Care Nurse is a registered nurse who has undertaken special training to be able to provide information, support and care for women of all ages who experience breast disease.
At The Wesley Breast Clinic you will see a Breast Care Nurse following your screening mammogram.
​The Breast Care Nurse will:
• Give you your result and recommended time for your next examination
• Examine your breasts
• Talk to you about your breast history
• Explain and instruct you on breast self-examination
• Discuss any concerns you may have about your breasts eg. risk factors relating to family history

What happens if I am diagnosed with breast cancer?

Soon after your diagnosis, a Breast Care Nurse will contact you to offer support, information and ongoing assistance for you and your family.​ They can help you with any questions you have or any further information you require. A Breast Care Nurse can also advise you how to access information appropriate to your needs within your community.


Should an MRI be recommended a Breast Care Nurse will co-ordinate and support you prior to and during the procedure.

How do I contact the Breast Care Nurses?

If you have any queries or require more information, please contact the Breast Care Nurses Monday to Friday 7.30am to 3.00pm on: telephone (07) 3232 7363 or (07) 3232 7246, facsimile (07) 3217 8840) or email