Wesley Breast Clinic Screening Service

Why have breast screening?

Regular mammograms and breast examination are important in the early detection of breast cancer.  Early detection can lead to better outcomes.

What happens at a screening?

When you arrive, your personal details will be checked, then you will be taken to the patient lounge and will be asked to change into a gown. You will be asked to complete a personal history form. If you wish to discuss mammography with a Breast Care Nurse before proceeding, please tell the reception staff or the radiographer.

Shortly after you change, the radiographer will perform your mammogram. She will explain the procedure as she does it and answer any question you might have. A Breast Care Nurse is available to meet with you, unless you have requested otherwise.  She will:

  • Answer your questions about screening, breast cancer and other breast disease
  • Talk to you about your breast history
  • Discuss breast self-examination
  • Examine your breasts (if your doctor has not done this recently, or if you would like to have it done, or if we regard it as helpful in interpreting your mammogram)

The doctor may also examine you.  You will be given the results of your visit and a recommended time for your next mammogram.  If you have an abnormality, we will usually offer further examinations a little later the same day.