Allied Health Services

Our multi-disciplinary approach

The Wesley Hospital Allied Health Service employs a range of professionals who work as a team to provide our patients with "whole person" health care.


Physiotherapists at the Wesley work with patients to maximise their physical potential and restore movement and function, providing treatment integral to recovery from surgery, illness and injury. Wesley Physiotherapy provides a wide range of inpatient and outpatient services in many clinical areas and can be accessed with or without a Doctor’s referral

Speech Therapy

The Wesley Hospital Speech Pathologists provide assessment, diagnosis, treatment and management of a range of communication and swallowing impairments for patients referred by their specialist doctors. Speech Pathologists are involved in the care of patients in the neurology, acute stroke, medical, surgical, critical care and emergency units within the hospital.

Occupational Therapy

The Wesley Hospital Allied Health Service provides Occupational Therapy to a variety of in-patient or out-patient groups. The aim of Occupational Therapy is to maximise an individual's function and independence in their daily activities. Our Occupational Therapy Service is frequently involved in the care of patients, referred by specialist doctors, in the neurology, surgery, orthopaedics, oncology, palliative care and medical units of the hospital.


The Nutrition Services Department employs accredited practicing dieticians to provide expert nutrition care for patients. Dietitians screen and assess nutritional status and provide counselling to patients and carers to ensure appropriate medical nutrition therapy during admission and upon discharge. Working in conjunction with medical specialists and other health care workers to achieve optimal health through good nutrition, our dietitians play an important role in the Wesley's multi-disciplinary approach to healthcare.


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For enquiries about any of our Allied Health services phone: 07 3232 6190