About The Wesley Breast Clinic

The Wesley Hospital Breast Clinic is a not-for-profit Clinic and relies on the generosity of donors to continually upgrade capital equipment and provide services that are above and beyond that provided through Medicare reimbursement.​ Our goal is to provide an optimal environment for the diagnosis of all breast problems and we aim to provide information, care and support for all women who have concerns about their breasts all on the day of their visit to the Clinic.

One in 9 women will develop breast cancer during her lifetime

The Wesley Breast Clinic also considers research into all aspects of breast disease to be of utmost importance and we are actively involved in a number of projects.

One in 9 women will develop breast cancer during her lifetime. In addition, 60% of women will be troubled by benign breast changes. Our aim is to promote an understanding of breast disorders so that women will be less anxious and consequently, will not miss an opportunity to detect a breast cancer and consequently improve their outcome from the disease.

The Clinic works in close cooperation with the referring medical practitioners ensuring best outcomes for their patients. 

The Wesley Breast Clinic’s comprehensive range of services includes:
  • The Wesley Breast Screening Program for asymptomatic women which involves mammography and clinical examination. Each visit includes advice regarding further screening examination, breast self-examination and information about breast cancer and its detection with most patients receiving their results on the day of their visit to the Clinic.
  • The Wesley Breast Clinic has a large team of highly experienced professionals specialising in breast imaging, with an enormous depth of experience, some of whom have been with the Clinic for over 20 years. The Clinic is also supported by a wonderful team of volunteers and administrative staff.
  • The Wesley Breast Diagnostic Clinic, for symptomatic women, is a specialised multi-disciplinary facility set up to promote the early diagnosis of breast cancer.​ Women attending this Clinic may have a clinical examination performed by an experienced Breast Clinic Medical Officer, mammography using highly specialised low dose radiation equipment and an ultrasound examination with dedicated breast ultrasound equipment. Tissue sampling of abnormal areas of the breast may also be performed if necessary and other specialised imaging techniques such as breast MRI are available if required.
  • The Wesley Breast Clinic MRI Service is a non-invasive and painless medical test using a powerful magnetic field, radio waves and computer to produce detailed pictures of the breast. MRI of the breast is a valuable supplemental tool which provides information about many breast conditions.  The Wesley Breast Clinic was one of the first private facilities in Brisbane to offer a dedicated computer aided diagnostic service for Breast Magnetic Resonance Imaging and MRI guided breast biopsy.
  • The Family History Clinic provides information for women who have a strong family history of breast cancer or are gene carriers for breast cancer. Women attending will be offered clinical and imaging assessment, together with counselling regarding risk and detailed advice regarding management options, including genetic testing.
  • The Wesley Breast Clinic Breast Care Nurses are registered nurses who have undertaken special training to be able to provide information, support and care for women of all ages who experience breast disease.​ Our Breast Care Nurses will discuss breast issues and any concerns patients may have. Patients who have been diagnosed with breast cancer are contacted by one of our Breast Care Nurses to offer support, information and ongoing assistance to both patients and their family.

The Wesley Breast Clinic is one of the leaders in Breast Imaging with a world class reputation both within Australia and overseas.​ The high level of expertise maintained by the staff, and technological improvements including installation of a digital RIS/PACS system have resulted in great benefits to both patients and their doctors. We have numerous site visits from staff from other Breast Services within Australia and overseas keen to observe the benchmark practices of the Clinic and our staff.


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